by Jose Florez

It’s that time of the year again.

As Christmas is fast approaching, cyber Grinches are ramping up their efforts to steal your personal information. But don’t let yourself be a victim to these sleazy criminals.

With the help of Candice Lanier, a cybersecurity expert, and writer, I’ve compiled a list of six tips that will help keep you safe during your online shopping activities.   Read More

by Candice Lanier

Until recently, AlphaBay Market was the largest marketplace on the Darknet. It provided an outlet for buyers and sellers of illegal goods and services, including drugs, stolen data, malware, hacking tools, weapons, child pornography and freelance assassination services.

But, earlier in the month it was confirmed that AlphaBay Market was shut down after authorities in the United States, Canada and Thailand performed several raids, which resulted in the arrest of  Alexandre Cazes. Cazes was reportedly one of the operators behind the AlphaBay Market. Though Cazes was a resident of Canada, he was arrested by law enforcement in Thailand where he owned three houses and four cars. Law enforcement seized “four Lamborghini cars and three houses worth 400 million baht ($11.7 million) in total.” Cazes, however, hanged himself using a towel.

Launched in 2014, AlphaBay was considered the “the new Silk Road” and became one of the most prominent darknet marketplaces. Last week, Dutch police announced they had shut down and dismantled another major darknet marketplace, Hansa Market. Dutch authorities kept the market running for a month while recording thousands of its transactions. The international investigation was undertaken in concert with Europol, the FBI and authorities in Germany and Lithuania.   Read More

by Candice Lanier

ISIS has released a detailed guide on how to murder non-believers. The tutorial provides advice on how to lure targets via fake ads on websites such as Craigslist, Gumtree and eBay, in order to kill them. The current installment of ISIS’ English-language propaganda magazine Rumiyah explains how to attain hostages and mass murder a large amount of people.

The magazine also suggests posting fake employment ads as another means of luring victims to their demise.

“After garnering a significant amount of applicants, one can then arrange the ‘job interview’ location and times, spacing out the applicants’ appointment times so as to give oneself time to subdue each target as he arrives — luring him to an appropriate location before attacking, subduing, binding and then slaughtering them.”

Alternatively, according to the magazine, falsely advertising an apartment for rent can also achieve the desired result:

“‘The advertisement should be for a small single-room or studio apartment,’ the article states.   Read More


Most people will have heard of Ghost Security under their abbreviated name of GhostSec. Although this group is labeled as a vigilante, that is only due to the members calling themselves so. In the early stages, Ghost Sec was created to target ISIS website promoting Islamic extremism. Some people feel this is an offshoot from the Anonymous hacking collective, albeit that has never been officially proven.

GhostSec started to make mainstream media headlines after the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting. The collective claims responsibility for shutting down hundreds of ISIS-affiliated websites and social media accounts. Moreover, the group has been – allegedly – cooperating with law enforcement and intelligence agencies ever since that time. GhostSec has been relatively quiet as of late, albeit the group is still actively taking the fight to terrorist organizations all over the world...Read More